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Pressure – 2021

Photo: Alan Lomakin

What a triumph!  Detling Player’s production of ‘Pressure’ by David Haig was incredible.

From the start with Darren O’Connor playing the part of the dour Scotsman, Dr James Stagg, the excellence of the cast was set.  Darren played Stagg’s different moods from impatience to anger to anxiety to downcast resolution, to perfection.

His adversary, Colonel Irving P Krick, played so well by Colin Leggat, in such an aloof and patronising manner one can understand how these two meteorologists clashed so badly over the right decision for the timing of the D-Day landings.

Steve Page who played General Eisenhower (Ike) revealed the brash, loud character of Ike so well but when, in his ‘private’ encounter with his aide/driver, Lt. Kay Summersby, was able to show the softer side of this larger than life character.

What can I say about Clare Pearce’s portrayal of Kay Summersby?  She was a joy to watch.  The myriad of facial expressions, the coyness with Ike and the anxiety shown for Stagg were entrancing.

The other members of the cast all played their supporting parts so beautifully and contributed to the overall success of this production.

The set so cleverly built by Derek Lawrence and Tony Taylor was totally believable. Everything worked to perfection with doors and windows opening without a hitch.  Their support team painters also did such a wonderful job.

Let’s not miss out the ingenious, well-timed, and very clever lighting and sound effects that were provided by Chris Hall and John Farrell.  With sounds of aircraft flying over exactly when a door opens to the background chatting in adjoining offices when another door is opened to the perfect timing of telephones ringing exactly on cue as well as the bright light of flames that burst through a window when a plane crashed, were all so masterful. Finally, congratulations to Director, Richard Finn and all his backstage support crew who worked so hard to provide all the props and costumes with such efficiency.  To quote Richard ‘It was wonderful to be back on stage after a two year break and it was a total team effort that made this production such a success.’