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What a beautiful portrayal by Detling Players of this so very funny but poignant play.

Melissa, the little rich girl, was played so well by Lesley Phippen.  Lesley so ably showed us Melissa the spoilt, wild, artistic, young heiress.  Her portrayal of the screams and moans and complaining of Melissa, right through all her trials and tribulations was superb. The heartfelt, emotional begging was so believable and played with such sensitivity.

Colin Leggat showed us with great aplomb how boring but loveable Andy could be.  Colin was expert in portraying Andy at all ages showing the character’s insistence on ‘doing the right thing’ and always what his parents wanted.  His eventual acknowledgement of his lifelong love for Melissa from infant school to her death was expressed with such sincerity that it brought tears to the eyes of many in the audience.

This production, with its simple set, was a great success and supported The Detling Players’ tradition of performing good drama.

Congratulations to director David Absom his cast and support crew.