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Something a bit different for Detling Players this time.  The reason behind the title was so succinctly explained by Lesley Phippen, the director, as an introduction to the production, that it was just to be a lot of fun.  And it was!

Lesley still found time to perform as well, doing a beautiful and so funny recitation of Sammy, a little boy who insisted ‘but I’m nearly eight’.

There was a real mixture of comedy and pathos.  The themes including Spring, Love, Shakespeare and Children made the whole performance flow so well.

Some beautiful recitations from David Abson, who made them come so totally alive.  The way the various pieces were supported by the other actors was so clever.  Colin Leggat’s song about poisoning the pigeons in the park with cyanide flavoured bird food, had the audience in hysterics as too did his song about driving his truck with his high heels on!  I have to say I would like to have seen Colin wearing high heels.

There was a scene with Sue Sutton and Linda Rusell, who after spilling her heart out to a lady on the ‘phone, suddenly realised it wasn’t her mother after all – all performed in excellent American accents.

The scene with David Abson, the father, trying to explain the facts of life to his son, Darren O’Connor was cringe making, but so funny.

And everybody’s favourite, the handbag scene from Oscar Wilde’s ‘Importance of being Ernest’ was so well performed by Clare Pearce, Sue Sutton, and Darren O’Connor.

There were very few props and scenery for most of the pieces, but Lady Bracknell’s hat was very impressive, the steering wheel that Colin held while driving his truck in high heels, the bags of poisoned bird food that the actors held, Lesley’s sideways cap were all that were needed to complete the scenes.  The use of the curtains was somewhat unusual but seemed to work perfectly.

There were so many different scenes, poems and singing all done so beautifully by all those taking part – not possible to mention them all here.

Phil Horley who played the piano accompaniment, not an easy task with so many variations in scenes, was perfect in his timing.

Chris Hall, who did the background music and lighting was totally on the mark as always.

Again, as usual, a totally professional production by Detling Players